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Urban Werks is proud to be a FormulaOne Llumar Tint installer.

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Why choose Urban Werks?

FormulaOne® High Performance Auto Tint by LLumar® is engineered and manufactured with the utmost precision by the world’s largest manufacturer of window film. Now drivers can have the ultimate in appearance, comfort and protection from an exclusive line of window tint that creates a driving experience that is like no other.

  • All of our film is computer cut with our plotter so you have peace of mind knowing blades are never near the vehicle.
  • All tint is installed below the felt lines to ensure no premature peeling down the road.
  • Side window edges are hand shaved so that there are no visible gaps at the edge of the glass. This ensures the best possible install with a factory look.
  • Our tint work is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, peeling, and discoloration.
  • 2 windows $155
  • Coupe $275
  • Sedan $325
  • Truck/SUV $375
  • Full Windshield $300

Our color-stable technology ensures your LLumar ATC Series window tint will really go the distance, and of course keep your  interior looking  just as fantastic for just as long. That’s why LLumar combines their advanced deep-dye technology with 99% UV protection. This added feature helps keep your vehicle’s upholstery, dash, and other interior finishes from cracking, fading, or looking anything less than factory-fresh.

  • 2 windows $225
  • Coupe $475
  • Sedan $525
  • Truck/SUV $575
  • Full Windshield $400

The Pinnacle Series delivers the ultimate all-around performance in automotive window tint. The innovative nano-ceramic construction offers our maximum heat and UV protection along with glare reduction without interfering with signals from electronic devices.

  • 2 windows $325
  • Coupe $775
  • Sedan $825
  • Truck/SUV $875
  • Full Windshield $600

Our new proprietary hybrid-matrix technology utilizes multiple layers made up of billions of nanoscopic particles to create advanced infrared absorbing properties. This film rejects up to 63% of solar heat to enhance your driving experience. Plus it shields your passengers from more than 99% of harmful UV rays* while it helps reduce interior fading and cracking due to UV ray exposure.

AIR 80

The LLumar AIR Series can keep you safer on the road every day, just like your brake pads and air bags. This film is a barely visible, micro-thin layer of nano-ceramic tint technology – but without the window-darkening tint.

Install AIR to upgrade your factory window glass with more protection from shattering, heat and glare, and a shield against 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that’s recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Because it’s barely detectable, LLumar AIR film can even be installed on factory-tinted windows. It’s an optically clear layer that enhances performance without altering your vehicle’s exterior look, or your views of the road.

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