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Willow Street: 717-517-8103
Cell/Text: 717-601-1595

Urban Werks offers an extensive disinfecting service using our special fogging equipment and NON-TOXIC disinfectant known as HOCL. This process helps battle against all pathogens like Viruses, Mold, Bacteria, Spores, and Fungi. Although our main clientele is personal automotive or large commercial vehicles, our process can also be used in commercial spaces like office buildings, warehouses, and even your home.

Let us utilize our tools and skills to help keep you, your family, or your workplace disinfected and safe. 

This service does not include our interior detailing services, but if you’d like to add this service on we do offer combination pricing. Call today to inquire.

This Service is available for drop-off vehicles at our location or mobile services.

  • Urban Werks utilizes a professional fogging/sprayer machine paired with an HVLP Spray Gun to disinfect ALL surfaces within the area. 
  • Our Disinfecting service can be done quickly and efficiently:
    • Estimated time to disinfect a vehicle: 5-15 min depending on size
    • Estimated time to disinfect a Large commercial vehicle: 30 min
    • Estimated time to disinfect an office 1,500sqf ~ 5,000sqf: 20min-1hr
  • Our process is safe for all surfaces such as leather, fabric, plastics, and more. 
  • Our Disinfectant is NON-TOXIC with the active ingredient being Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). This is safe for humans and pets.
  • HOCL has been shown to be effective against pathogens by the CDC (Center For Diseases Control and Prevention) and the EPA (Enviromental Protection Agency). This includes Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Algae etc. 
Disinfectant Service Office/ Home
  • 1hr Minimum
Commercial Vehicles
  • Buses, RVs, large vans
Mobile Travel Fee
Special Hours Service Call
$100 Additional
  • This is for appointments that are needed before or after our normal hours.
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