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If you’re looking for a Gyeon certified detailer, you can find a wide selection of Gyeon coatings and waxes here at Urban Werks. We supply and install a variety of Gyeon products, including specialty Gyeon Q2 ceramic coating and Gyeon Q2 wax. Browse our full lineup of top-rated Gyeon supplies below.

Urban Werks proudly offers Gyeon Q2 Ceramic Coatings. Their product standards exceed our expectations in terms of quality and performance. Gyeon’s cutting-edge ceramic coating technology is the best on the market today.



Lifespan: 5 years or Infinite

Meet the world’s first coating based on flouro modified polysilazanes. Gyeon’s Infinite Coatings guarantee outstanding durability and hydrophobicity in one layer. This revolutionary technology delivers sophisticated shine, extreme chemical resistance, and superb UV protection. This is the ultimate, high-tech coating solution you and your vehicle deserve.

Gyeon Q2 Flash Evo



Lifespan: 3-10 years

Q² Flash EVO is a unique single layer coating. Its fast curing formula allows application under various conditions, including outdoors. It provides chemical and UV protection to any paint. It also offers great self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties for easier maintenance. Q² Flash EVO is a warrantied coating with a base lifespan of 3 years. Maintain your Q² Flash EVO coating with us and extended its lifespan to 10 years.

GYEON Leather Shield Interior Ceramic Coating in box

Interior Ceramic Coating Package


Urban Werks offers custom interior ceramic coating packages. We use Gyeon’s best products: LeatherShield, LeatherCoat, and/or FabricCoat. Specific product application depends on your vehicle’s interior composition.

Gyeon Q2 Rim Wheel & Caliper Ceramic Coating



Q2 Rim is Gyeon’s signature wheel and caliper coating with high heat resistance. Protect your wheels against excessive brake dust build up and other ferrous materials.




An excellent add on to any service. Q2 Wax is an extremely glossy wax with outstanding hydrophobic properties. The unique formula includes fluorine and Gyeon Booster, a reactive topcoat. This combination creates a layer of protection that is glossy and hydrophobic. It is a great stand-alone product, but also works great as a topper to an existing coating layer.

Freedom of Choice Warranty


When you choose GYEON Quartz coatings, you can choose with confidence. Opt for GYEON’s Freedom of Choice Warranty to extend the lifetime of your coating.

  • Choose 5 years or Infinite Warranty Terms on DuraFlex and MOHS+
  • Register online at
  • Straightforward, simple maintenance procedures.

If you’re interested in any of these Gyeon quartz ceramic coatings for your vehicle, contact us today at Urban Werks. We can provide installation for any of these products as a Gyeon certified detailer in our Lancaster car detailing garage or other locations. Our customer service and installation team are unmatched. Book your appointment today or drop by during our business hours for more information.

Paint Protection Film Vs. Ceramic Coatings

Ven diagram detailing benefits of paint protection film and ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating FAQs

What are ceramic coatings?

Ceramic Coatings, also called Glass or Quartz Coatings, are the best protection against UV and chemical damage. The bonding molecule that provides the protection is SiO2 or Silica Dioxide. A solvent carrier is used to apply the SiO2 to paint and other surfaces. The solvent evaporates out and leaves the SiO2 behind to cure and bond to the surface. The coating is then cured with an infrared curing lamp to speed up the drying and curing process.

Why are ceramic coatings better than waxes or sealants?

Ceramic coatings do three very important things differently than waxes or sealants.
1) Ceramic coatings bond to the surface for a time frame of years, while most waxes and sealants last a few months.
2) Ceramic coatings can withstand UV penetration and environmental contaminants. This keeps your paint’s finish from degrading over time due to exposure.
3) Ceramic coatings produce a more repellent surface. Dirt and other contaminants are rejected, rather than absorbed into the surface. This keeps the surfaces cleaner longer and makes regular maintenance easier.

How long do ceramic coatings last?

Different ceramic coatings offer different lifespans and warranties. The lifespan of any ceramic coating depends on how you maintain the vehicle. It also depends on what type environment the vehicle sees. Urban Werks offers ceramic coating maintenance services. We also offer a full line of coating compatible maintenance products.

Are ceramic coatings scratch proof?

There is a lot of irresponsible marketing in the ceramic coating industry. Ceramic coatings are not thick or hard enough to withstand scratches from a dirty wash mitt, a key, or a rock chip. They produce a slightly harder surface than paint alone, but not enough to withstand physical damage.
Like all high-quality ceramic coatings, we install coatings with 9H or “vertical” hardness. This is great, but not the most important feature of any coating. Coatings protect your vehicle from the steady UV damage and environmental contamination. This gives your vehicle a better chance at looking fantastic years down the road.
Where a Coating CAN play a role in scratch resistance is by producing a slick, repellent surface. This slickness rejects loose dirt, brake dust, and other debris. Without a coating, contaminants settle onto your vehicle’s paint. Settled contaminants can then be dragged across the paint creating scratches and swirls.
Looking for scratch, scuff, or swirl resistance? We recommend Paint Protection Film in addition to your coating.

Will a ceramic coating always bead like day one?

No, and that does not mean your coating is no longer working. Beading is an excellent and visually appealing coating feature. It is secondary to the main benefits we look for in a coating and is not connected to how well a coating is performing. Looking to restore the beading of your coating? Get in touch. We’re happy to provide product recommendations or a perform a maintenance service.

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