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Cell/Text: 717-601-1595

Here at Urban Werks we offer a very wide range of Interior Services. Some services we offer are: Leather cleaning and conditioning, stain extracting, and fabric guarding. Like many of our other services, we like to customize every vehicle to the customers needs. Contact us for a quote. Starting at $105

Stage 1
  • Surface Vacuum
  • Wipe down hard surfaces
  • Interior windows ( Streak free)
  • Air Freshener
Stage 2
  • Extensive Vacuum
  • Wipe down hard surfaces and cracks/crevices
  • Interior Windows ( Streak Free)
  • Cup Holders cleaned
  • Shampoo/ Steam upholstery
  • Clean Leather ( If applicable)
  • Air Freshener
Stage 3
  • Deep Vacuum
  • Hard surfaces deep cleaned ( Including all cup holders/ ashtrays)
  • Interior Windows cleaned ( Streak Free)
  • Leather Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Deep clean of Cracks crevices
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Heavy Stain removal/ Shampoo upholstery
  • Air Freshener
  • Quick Hand Wash , Door Jambs sprayed and wiped


Odor Eliminator

This service takes up to 1 hour and is a process to eliminate odors and bacteria from the AC channeling system and other interior surfaces of the vehicle. A working HVAC is required for this service to be efficient. Great choice for “smoker” and ” Dog Smelling” vehicles.

Starting at $65

Urban Werks Disinfectant Services

Urban Werks offers an extensive disinfecting service using our special fogging equipment and NON-TOXIC disinfectant known as HOCL. This process helps battle against all pathogens like Viruses, Mold, Bacteria, Spores, and Fungi.

***Air Freshener Choices: Honeydew, New Car, Leather, Black Frost, Strawberry Margherita, Grape, Evening Escape

* Yes we do clean them but any bodily fluids are an additional charge to any cleanings.

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