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Cell/Text: 717-601-1595

Urban Werks offers a range of Interior Services including leather cleaning and conditioning, stain extracting, and fabric guarding. Like many of our other services, we like to customize every vehicle to the customer’s needs. Contact us for a quote or browse offerings below.

Stage 1
  • Surface Vacuum
  • Wipe down hard surfaces
  • Interior windows ( Streak free)
  • Air Freshener
Stage 2
  • Extensive Vacuum
  • Wipe down hard surfaces and cracks/crevices
  • Interior Windows ( Streak Free)
  • Cup Holders cleaned
  • Shampoo/ Steam upholstery
  • Clean Leather ( If applicable)
  • Air Freshener
Stage 3
  • Deep Vacuum
  • Hard surfaces deep cleaned ( Including all cup holders/ ashtrays)
  • Interior Windows cleaned ( Streak Free)
  • Leather Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Deep clean of Cracks crevices
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Heavy Stain removal/ Shampoo upholstery
  • Air Freshener
  • Quick Hand Wash , Door Jambs sprayed and wiped


Odor Eliminator

This service takes up to 1 hour and is a process to eliminate odors and bacteria from the AC channeling system and other interior surfaces of the vehicle. A working HVAC is required for this service to be efficient. A great choice for vehicles with smoke smell or dog smell.

Starting at $65

Urban Werks Disinfectant Services

Urban Werks offers an extensive disinfecting service using our special fogging equipment and NON-TOXIC disinfectant known as HOCL. This process helps battle against all pathogens like viruses, mold, bacteria, spores, and fungi.

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