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Paint Correction is also known as compounding and polishing. When performed correctly, the process is a long and labor intensive art. Through proper compounding, polishing, and finishing we restore the surface of your vehicle’s paint to like new, or in most cases better than new. This process removes swirls and deeper scratches to breathe life back into paintwork. Paint Correction can also include wet sanding to remove texture and orange peel leaving the vehicles finish with gloss and depth. Service rendered at our discretion.

One Step Correction

Starting at $500

Removes light swirling, minor scratches and oxidation.

2-3 Step Correction

Starting at $1000

Removes moderate to heavy scratches, fine swirls, and oxidation.  *Recommended for most cars 1+ year or older.

Wet Sand + 2-3 Step Correction

Starting at $2000

Texture or “orange peel” removal during our wet sanding stages, then the paint receives a full correction to polish the paint out to the best results possible.  *Recommended for those looking for optimal clarity from your paint. Price varies, please contact us for a quote.

Considering paint correction services? We highly recommend including protective options.

Check out our full range of protective options like PremiumShield Paint Protection Film and GYEON Quartz Ceramic Coatings. Click the logos below to learn more about each service.

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