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Paint Protection Film is invisible protection for your vehicle. PPF protects against scuffs, scratches, chips, debris, and more. With self-healing capabilities, its performance can’t be beat. Urban Werks installs leading industry film STEK. 

And if you’re concerned about the lifetime of these automotive protection films, rest assured that these products are built to last. All films are backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

STEK Clear Bra

Paint Protection Film (PPF, Clear Bra) protects against rock chips, scratches, and more. It helps maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s finish for years. Clear bra paint protection helps shield the front end of your vehicle from these and many other scratch-causing road debris. Protective film even helps prevent damage from bugs and insects that splatter across your hood. The acidity from debris like insect guts and bird droppings can damage your paint if you don’t remove them quickly. However, with automotive protection film, you can protect your car from future bug and bird encounters.

For those who don’t want to obstruct their car’s paint, our paint protection film is completely transparent. And for those who wish to spruce up their paint job, we also offer matte and satin clear film options as well. There’s a clear film option here for everyone.

STEK Fashion Films

Style your vehicle with STEK fashion films! STEK offers several Paint Protection and Light Protection films, including colored PPF and fashion PPF. STEK fashion films include DYNOblack, DYNOprism, DYNOcarbon finishes, and more. Get the benefit of extra paint protection while also enhancing the exterior aesthetic of your vehicle. Browse our selection of STEK automotive protection film for all the varieties we carry. Urban Werks is proud to be a certified STEK installer.

If you decide to protect your car with clear paint protection film, don’t forget your headlights. Your headlights can take just as much of a beating as your paint job from roadway debris. Protect your lights with headlight protection film. Even a small rock or pebble along the road can scratch or chip your headlights.

Once you’re set on your paint protection film and brand, contact our team at Urban Werks to schedule an installation appointment. No need to stress about the application or making sure you have the coverage just right—trust our team of experienced detailers to provide top service and a flawless installation. Book an appointment for your film install today.

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