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STEK offers several Light Protection and Fashion Films to protect your vehicle with style. Urban Werks is proud to be a certified STEK films installer.


$250 per set Headlights or Taillights


DYNOshade gives you a beautiful shaded look to your lights. Subtle yet eye catching.

$250 per set Headlights or Taillights


DYNOsmoke is the darkest option for those pursuing a stealthy look. Perfect for toning down chrome housing.

$250 per set Headlights or Taillights


DYNOyellow is a classic yellow film. Inspired by race cultures across the globe, give your car a track personality.

DYNOshades Specifications

DYNOshades is a line of Light Protection Film (LPF). LPF is a Paint Protection Film designed to protect automotive lights with style.
DYNOshades comes in three tones: DYNOshade, DYNOsmoke and DYNOyellow. Add protection with a unique look to your headlights, fog lights, and taillights. DYNOsahdes feature STEK’s DYNO top-coat technology. This offers style with protection against rock cracks, acid stains, and hazing that every driver deserves.
  • 3 Colors: DYNOshade (45% transmittance), DYNOsmoke (30% transmittance), DYNOyellow
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Hydrophobic (advanced water repelling properties)
  • Anti-Contamination (stain resistant)
  • Fast Recovery Self – Healing (by heat or hot water)


7 Year Warranty:
DYNOshades Light Protection Film (LPF) has a 7-year warranty against delaminating, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

Fashion Films

STEK is the only company to provide colored PPF and fashion PPF. These films are an industry leading technology protect your vehicle with unique style. Contact us for a quote.






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