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How to Protect Your Car in the Winter

How to Protect Your Car in the Winter

Winter presents unique challenges to car owners. Frigid temperatures, snow lingering in the forecast, freezing rain, and road salt and gravel can all wreck your car’s paint. All of these conditions, especially salt, contribute significantly to future damage and rusting. These can diminish the value of your car down the line. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your vehicle from winter’s harsh conditions and preserve the condition and value of your car. Continue on for our guide to winter car protection and care.

Hazards of Winter Driving

Southeastern PA’s winters are difficult to predict. One year, we’ll see a few feet of snow and the next, hardly any at all. While we can’t perfectly predict the weather, we can count on the state’s salt trucks to be out cruising if there’s even a hint of snow in the forecast. Road salt, churned up gravel, ice, hail, and snow all pose threats to your vehicle’s paint. 

Audi S5 gets a bath

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is the best shield for your car against harsh winter conditions. Sometimes called PPF or Clear Bra, Paint Protection Film is a thin, clear film that can be applied to your vehicle’s painted surfaces.

PPF is the first line of defense against damage for your car. Its thin, but extremely robust composition acts as a sacrificial layer for your paint. Highly abrasive debris such as rocks, loose gravel, and corrosive bird droppings can seriously damage your paint, but PPF can protect from these inevitable threats.

With PPF installed either on your full vehicle or at least on its highest impact zones, your car can maintain its best appearance through all seasons. It’s nearly invisible once applied and offers self-healing capabilities, offering you not just protection from winter elements, but peace of mind to get where you need to go.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings are another excellent winter car care option. Coatings create a highly repellent, hydrophobic layer on your car’s surfaces. This super hard layer repels water and prevents dirt from clinging to your car’s paint.

They won’t prevent scuffs or rock chips, but Ceramic Coatings have an outstanding ability to protect your car from UV and chemical damage. Your car may experience less UV damage in the winter, but there are many chemicals on the roads in the form of road salt and anti-freezing solutions. If left unchecked, these chemicals can cause long term damage to your paint and wheels.

Even better? The repellent nature of ceramic coatings makes keeping your vehicle clean in the winter a breeze. Snow, slush, and ice should slide right off a ceramic coated surface.

DIY kits may be available, but professional ceramic coating installation is always best.

Winter Car Care Basics

Follow our tips for effective winter car care and protection.

Before Winter (October – December)

  • Connect with your local professional protection specialist to schedule PPF and coating installation.
  • If your car is already coated, schedule a ceramic maintenance wash to boost the coating’s properties.
  • Regardless of the coating and PPF on your car, schedule a seasonal maintenance detail.

During Winter (December – March)

  • Winter salt, slush, snow, and icy conditions will make your car very dirty. Wash your car as frequently as possible or schedule regular washes with your local installer to prevent build up.
  • DO NOT use brushes on your car to clear snow unless you have PPF. Brushes will scratch your paint and, sometimes, cause irreversible damage.
  • DO NOT use ice scrapers on painted surface. Ice scrapers are for glass only!

After Winter (March – April)

  • Give your car a thorough wash or contact your installer to schedule a maintenance detail.
  • Inspect your paint protection film and ceramic coating for any damage and let your installer know, if necessary.
man cleans Audi S5 wheel

The Perfect Pair: PPF and Ceramic Coatings are Effective Winter Protection

On their own, Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings are extremely strong protection solutions against the elements, especially during winter months. PPF acts as a sacrificial layer against physical damages while ceramic coatings provide UV and chemical protection. With their unique properties, both make winter car care easier.

Together, ceramic coatings and PPF make a dynamic duo. If you want the very best, year round protection against the elements, consider combining both. There are no negatives to having both and you’ll receive a wider range of protective properties. This advice may be for winter car care and protection, but it’s important to protect your car in every season.

Don’t Stress, Follow These Steps for Winter Car Protection

Pennsylvania winters can be challenging, but don’t stress. With the right protection and professional installation, you can protect your car from the harsh elements. Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings are excellent long-term solutions to protect your car’s paint, preserve its value, and make maintenance easy.

Invest in the right protection for your car, reach out to a trusted local professional, like Urban Werks, for a free winter car care and protection consultation. The time and money you may spend now will be a a worthwhile investment and savings in the long run.

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