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Are ceramic coatings worth it?

Is a Ceramic Coating Worth it? The Benefits and Value of a Ceramic Coating

Are you the proud owner of a head-turning dream car? Are you the proud owner of a daily driver? If so, you may be wondering “is a ceramic coating worth it?” We get it. Whether your ride takes you from Point A to Point B or from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds, you want the very best. And if you’re wondering about the very best types of protection, that’s where ceramic coatings enter. Read on to learn more.

A Smart Investment That Looks Great

If you’ve asked yourself “is getting my car ceramic coated worth the cost?” Yes. The simple, straight forward answer is yes.

Think about a ceramic coating as a long term investment for your vehicle. It’s not just the deep, glossy finish, it’s an investment in your paint. A ceramic coating can help protect your car’s paint against chemical and UV damage. It may be an expense up front, but in the long term a ceramic coating can help prevent the need for costly paint repairs.

While there are kits and all sorts of supplies for DIY coatings, they can’t compare to the quality of a professionally applied ceramic coating. DIY coatings often end in disappointment due to a lack of proper lighting, proper surface prep, and proper application. The professionals are set up for success with ceramic coatings. You won’t be disappointed as a professional ceramic coating is absolutely worth the investment.

Gyeon Infinite Ceramic Coatings

Supreme Shielding and Preservation

We’ve all been there. It’s a breezy spring day, you’re rolling up to the park to catch some rays, and that big, beautiful row of pine trees looks like they’ll provide some well-welcomed shade. You don’t notice the wind slowly but surely blowing pine sap all over your car until it’s too late. Dang! A ceramic coating would have saved the day here. A coating will help prevent chemicals like tree sap from marring your car’s paint.

A professional ceramic coating acts as a shield layer between your car’s paint and all the chemicals the world throws at it – including tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, pollutants, and UV rays.

Stunning Gloss

If you’ve never seen a coated car, the level of gloss created by a ceramic coating might just rock your world. Ceramic coatings are much glossier than traditional waxes and create an unbeatable depth to any paint color. Paint correction and polishing before application enhances the paint and then the ceramic coating adds a glass-like appearance.

Matte and satin finishes are available for cars with these special paint finishes, too.

Long Lasting Ceramic Coatings

The key to increasing a coating’s longevity is all in the maintenance (more on that soon). Treated properly, a ceramic coating can last as long as 5 years and sometimes even longer.

Another part of a ceramic coating’s lifespan is proper prep and application. Remember when we talked about DIY kits earlier? Those kits have a high rate of failure before their intended lifespan because they lack the proper preparation. When you choose a professional ceramic coating the careful decontamination, thorough paint correction, and expert application contribute to the coating’s lifespan.

Want Flawless Results? Go Pro.

By now, you understand that DIY kits aren’t the best choice for consistent, enduring, or flawless results. You want the best and you deserve the best, and you only get the best by following the process. It may seem like magic, but when you entrust your car to the pros, you’re not just getting a coating. You’re getting the results of carefully honed, detail-oriented processes perfected over years of experience.

We can’t overemphasize this: proper prep work is critical to the results you want. Much like an aesthetician for your skin’s spa day, professional ceramic coating installers taking painstakingly detail-oriented measures to clean and correct every surface of your vehicle before applying a coating.

After their thorough prep work, professional installers meticulously apply ceramic coating to each painted surface, exterior glass surfaces, and wheel faces using special tools for most seamless install possible.

Red Porsche 911 receives ceramic coating

The Gloss Secret Sauce

Okay, it’s not a secret. It’s science! Now that we’re on the same page about how great ceramic coatings are, you may be curious about the science behind ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coatings are made up of silicon dioxide (SiO2)  particles that create an invisible layer on your car’s surface. This shield layer bonds with the paint on a molecular level, creating an ultra-smooth, incredibly hard layer. Coatings seal your paint, providing a thin but mighty layer of protection between your paint and the elements. 

The result? Higher surface tension for a more repellent surface than uncoated paint. Increased surface repellency helps water, contaminants, and dirt shed right off leaving you with a protected and clean car.

Take it Easy

All this talk about intensive prep work must mean that coatings are laborious to maintain, right? Nope! The good news for you is that ceramic coatings are super easy to maintain. In fact, they’re designed specifically to make your maintenance routine easier. Due to their hydrophobic nature and increased surface repellency, dirt that would typically stick to an uncoated car will slide right off.

A simple hand wash with a couple quality products is all you need to keep your ceramic coated vehicle looking flawless.

An Investment for the Future

We know, choosing a ceramic coating may feel like a splurge up front. However, we consider it as an investment in both the long term quality and the value of your car. A professional applied ceramic coating will not only maintain its appearance, but help your car keep value down the road.

If and when you go to trade in or sell your coated car, your preserved and maintained paint will only improve your resale value. Plus, at Urban Werks, our ceramic coatings are a positive report on your CarFax.

red Porsche 911 rear bumper receives ceramic coating

The Verdict: Absolutely Worth It

A ceramic coating is absolutely worth it. The value you receive for your investment is protection and so much more. A ceramic coating can give you peace of mind knowing that your car is protected against chemical and UV damage, easily looks showroom-ready, and will have an improved resale value down the line.

Ceramic coatings are here to stay – and rightly so!

Whether you’re cruising around back roads in your weekend warrior or hopping on the highway in your premium SUV, choosing a professional ceramic coating is an investment you won’t regret. Preserve the beauty, brilliance, and value of your vehicle for years to come. You deserve it.

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