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Willow Street: 717-517-8103
Cell/Text: 717-601-1595

Interior or exterior, we can cover it all. Our service professionals know the ins and outs of your vehicle, so that when you leave, you are completely satisfied. Urban Werks has something for everyone, whether you’re a car enthusiast or fleet manager.

Detail Packages

Looking for something more intensive than a standard detail? Obsessed as we are with detailing your prized possession? Click to learn more about our packages.  As always, contact us if you have any questions regarding these packages.


Here at Urban Werks we offer a very wide range of Interior Services. Some services we offer are: Leather cleaning and conditioning, stain extracting, and fabric guarding. Like many of our other services, we like to customize every vehicle to the customers needs. Contact us for a quote.


Urban Werks offers a wide range of exterior detailing services. Because we strive to ensure every customer leaves with the best experience, we work on an individualized basis and  like to go over each vehicle with our customers to create personalized service experiences.

Paint Correction

Paint Correcting, also known as compounding and polishing. When performed correctly, the process is a long and labor intensive art. Through proper compounding, polishing, and finishing we are able to restore the surface of your vehicle’s paint to like new, or in most cases better than new. This process removes all swirls and in many cases deeper scratches to breathe life back into paintwork.

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