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Urban Werks offers vinyl wraps as a cost effective alternative to paint. With thousands of color options and finishes – from gloss to carbon fiber texture, vinyl wrapping creates the ability to change up your vehicle’s appearance time after time at a fraction of the cost. Urban Werks is proud to be an Inozetek Certified Installer.

Full Color Change Base Pricing

Full vehicle pricing begins at $5000 and varies depending on your vehicle and film. Chrome black-outs, custom vinyl work, decals, and liveries are also available.

Give us a call your free, personalized quote.

Urban Werks is proud to be a certified Inozetek Installer.

Inozetek offers some of the highest quality film available in an impressive array of colors and finishes. From Supergloss Navy to color shifting, iridescent Spectrum and everything in between, we can help make your color change dreams a reality.

Check out the 2022 Inozetek Color Catalog here.

Inozetek Neon Mint Vinyl Wrapped Audi R8
Inzoteke Neon Mint Vinyl Wrap
Mercedes AMG GT wrapped in Inozetek Metallic Vampire Red vinyl
Inozetek Metallic Vampire Red Vinyl Wrap
Ferrari 458 Vinyl Wrapped in Inozetek Miam Blue
Porsche Macan wrapped in Inozetek Metallic Rose Vinyl Wrap
McLaren P1 wrapped in Inozetek x AntiSocial Social Club Spectrum.
Inozetek Spectrum Vinyl Wrap
Inozetek Era Green Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wrap FAQs

How long does vinyl last?

Typically 5 years for your daily driven vehicle. Up to 10 years on garage-kept or weekend drivers.

Do you care for a vinyl wrap the same way as paint?

Yes. Whether its matte or gloss, you care for vinyl the same way you would paint with washes, waxes, and details.

Can you wrap just the mirrors/roof/trunk/etc?

Yes! Contact us for your personalized quote.

Does a vinyl wrap damage the paint underneath?

No. It preserves the paint underneath. Nearly no adhesive is left behind if removed properly.

Note: if your clear coat or paint is already damaged/peeling, you may experience some paint removal upon removing the vinyl.

Can you do custom printed wraps or liveries?

Yes. We have the capabilities to handle any vinyl wrap needs you have. Contact us for a quote on custom prints.

Why our Clients Choose Vinyl Wrapping...

Some consumers use automotive vinyl wraps to try out a new paint color, while others utilize vinyl wraps to protect and preserve their original paint job. No matter which camp you belong to, you can take advantage of the many benefits of vehicle wrapping.

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl wrapping services is how this procedure can completely change the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle.

There are nearly unlimited colors to choose from when browsing vinyl wraps. If your car’s paint job isn’t already the color of your dreams, you can still achieve it with a vinyl wrap. You can choose to wrap your entire car or section off areas like the hood, doors, and roof to create a unique two-tone style.

Additionally, vinyl wrappings provide paint protection for your original paint and protect it from sun exposure, scratches, dents, bugs, and more. This can help you save money on repairs in the long run by preventing maintenance paint repairs.

Plus, vehicle wraps are easy to maintain and will leave your car looking like new. Just handwash your vinyl-wrapped car like you would with traditional paint. And remember to use a vinyl-friendly cleaning solution.

And if the time comes when you wish to remove your vinyl wrapping, vehicle wraps have an easy removal process. When completed correctly, removing a vinyl wrap won’t damage your car’s paint. Just leave it to the vinyl wrap company professionals here at Urban Werks.

Reach out to learn more about our vinyl wrapping services and schedule your own vinyl installation appointment today. Here at Urban Werks, we provide vehicle wrapping services in a variety of colors and can even customize your very own vinyl wrap. Contact us today for a quote or to schedule your vinyl wrapping appointment. We can help answer any questions you have about the vinyl wrapping process.

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