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Call/Text: 717-601-1595

“…I opted for the “Werks” detail and added a window tint because, who doesn’t want to still feel cool in their late 30s? Well, I’ll be…I am seriously impressed with the work they have done. When they pulled her around after an array of services including a 2 step paint correction, I was stunned. Scratches be gone!…I can’t even imagine what more they could have done with the higher tiered package! It’s that good. I acted casual and thanked the young gentleman. Then I sped off and revved up those turbos like I was in the most action packed British heist film. When I got home my excitement took over. I was taking pictures from every angle, posting on all social media platforms for my old high school classmates to behold. How does a teacher afford a car that nice?! Seriously, these guys are professional and clearly take pride in their work. They are artisans of their craft. Please call them for all of your detail needs. Thanks!”

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