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Urban Werks offers a wide range of exterior detailing services. Because we strive to ensure every customer leaves with the best experience, we work on an individualized basis and  like to go over each vehicle with our customers to create personalized service experiences.

Ceramic Wash


A hand wash, boosted to maintain your ceramic coating. First, we hand wash your vehicle with added GYEON Bathe+ ceramic conditioner. Then, we hand dry the vehicle. Finally, we apply a ceramic spray booster to help maintain the longevity of your coating. Please note that larger vehicles incur an up-charge.

Ceramic Wax


A state of the art detailing wax, ceramic waxes have been specially formulated to offer outstanding durability, better water sheeting, and self-cleaning properties, paired with an ultra high gloss finish. Please note that larger vehicles incur an up-charge.

Wash + Wax


An industry standard done with extra care. We hand wash your vehicle including the wheels. Then we apply a premium carnauba-based wax to all painted surfaces. Finally, we dress your vehicle’s tires for ultimate shine (optional). Please note that larger vehicles incur an up-charge.

Premium Paint Sealant


Surface protection for up to 12 months. We begin with a thorough hand wash. Then, apply a premium sealant to all painted surfaces. This service is a good choice for seasonal protection. Please note that larger vehicles incur an up-charge.

Looking for Paint Correction Services?

Does your vehicle’s paint need to be brought back to life? Our seasoned professionals can help. Check out our Paint Correction Services by clicking the button below.

Ferrari Detail Services
Motorcycle Detail Service
Volvo XC70 Hand Wash Car Wash Detail Services
Paint Correction Exterior Detail Services
Detailer performs paint correction exterior service on BMW M3
Exterior Detailing Service Audi R8 Trim Polish with Buffer
Detail Technician Performing Paint Correction Inspection Detailing Service
Audi R8 Receives Exterior Detailing Service Hand Wash and Wax
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